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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you to everyone who has asked these questions via our social media, in person or via one of our partner organisations or schools.  We have answered below and if you want to ask about anything to do with City of Lights, please email us or message via facebook/twitter.


Q: Why do you start so late?


A: As you are aware, we close the roads in the city centre in order to keep the procession safe for participants and audience and whilst we keep them to a minimum, they do cause some disruption to normal traffic flow.  If we were to bring the start time any earlier than 7pm (as we tried in 2014), we find that congestion increases and it's more difficult for people to get into the city for the event.  It's also more difficult for people to get out of the city after work and for people coming home. Truro has one of the largest mobile populations, that's approximately 14000 people are going in or out of Truro each morning and evening so we need to work around the peak times to ensure that as many as possible can enjoy the event.


Q: Can I bring my dog?


A: We recommend that dogs are left at home for City of Lights.  The procession is (very) noisy and there are lots of people around which can all be petrifying for our canine friends with their sensitive hearing.


Q: Will I be able to get around if I bring the buggy?


A: We recommend that you head up Lemon Street as there is generally more space and this stretch of the route is not barriered.  It's easily accessible from most of the car parks and this is also where the schools will disperse from.


Q: Why do you choose that route? Do you change it every year?


A: We don't change it each year but we do learn each time and adapt the route in response to feedback from all our stakeholders. This year, we have extended the sections of the route where it's the whole procession all together and we have increased the length of the route so that more people can see the procession.  There are very few locations that can act as safe start points for City of Lights and we have separate start points for lanterns and school groups.


Q: Why don't you use the TA Centre any more?


A: Simply, it's not big enough to accommodate us any more!  We are delighted that some of the Territorial Army personnel will be volunteering at this year's event.


Q: What does it cost to run City of Lights?


A: The 2015 budget is £42000 and this is generated from many many sources.  We are not funded by Cornwall Council but we do have support from Arts Council England (25% of income), Totally Truro (10%), Truro City Council (5%), Royal Cornwall Museum (2%), National Trust (2%), Truro & Penwith College (2%), Cornwall College (2%), our business sponsors (12%), street collection (8%), workshop fees (10%), individual members (2%), trader fees (8%) and public donations.  We negotiate amazing in-kind support deals from our suppliers and partners and if we were to run this at it's true cost, we would be looking at £60,000 total costs.  A huge thank you to everyone who supports us financially and helps us make it all happen.


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