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By cityoflights, Oct 23 2014 01:03PM

19 September 2014

We are really pleased to announce that City of Lights has been successful in a Grants for the Arts bid to Arts Council England to support City of Lights, as well as a bid to Feast! This investment will allow us to develop the event and festival and will bring in a digital element this year.

In response to this, we have issued a Call for Artists for commissions for the lanterns, digital element and the opportunity to apply to be one of our bursary artists. The full information can be downloaded here. The deadline is 30 September 2014. We look forward to hearing from you!

By cityoflights, Oct 23 2014 01:00PM

10 July 2014

It may be beautiful sunny summer weather, but the City of Lights team are planning and making changes for the 2014 event!

We held a development meeting in January attended by partners, artists and stakeholders which brought up some very pertinent points and possibilities for improvement and development, and we have been working hard to move these forward into reality for this year’s event.


City of Lights is now a Community Interest Company and we have set up an organisational structure as a means to provide clarity around who does what and who is responsible for what. This is really just writing down what exists already and we have fleshed this out into full job descriptions for each role. City of Lights has also created a Project Manager role to work across all aspects of the event, which did not exist before. This role will be fulfilled by Helen Reynolds & Claire Eason-Bassett. Given the size and ambition of City of Lights, it is important that we have these structures in place, and our whole team has an understanding of who does what.


The theme for this year’s event is ‘Heroes’. Inspired by the centenary of the start of the First World War, this theme opens up a variety of opportunities to explore the heroes of that period as well as those heroes who inspire us from any walk of life or context. We want to explore stories and narratives that connect with Truro and Cornwall and that engage our audiences. Also this year we are pursuing a digital programme to dovetail in with the craft and scale of the lanterns. More details to follow as the ideas develop! A reminder that the date of the event is 19 November.


The route is evolving again this year so that schools and bands will start from Truro High School For Girls with the large lanterns joining the procession halfway down Lemon Street. Do check out the Festival Route page for more info. The start time will be earlier this year at 6.30pm. A full schedule will of course be circulated closer to the time. We hope these split starting and ending points, altered route and earlier start time will address some of the issues which came up last year from both schools and artists.


As per usual, we are starting with a very small surplus carried forwards from 2013. We are in discussion with a number of partners regarding collaborating with COL again and we are writing and submitting a number of funding bids. In particular, we are seeking funding for the digital development aspects and to support improvements in crowd management.

We look forward to continuing working with many partners, sponsors, schools and artists on this year’s event. If you have any queries, please do get in touch with us (details on Contacts page). Keep your eye out for further updates on this news section!

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