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We've made it really easy to support Truro City of Lights this year. With more than 20,000 people on our streets to watch the parade - even with 75 volunteers we cannot get to everyone who has pound coins to put in a bucket. And we really do need these donations - they add up to the totals that meet the costs of putting on this magical night every year.

For 2019 we included two new ways to pledge the £2 that we we need from visitors who attend our annual lantern procession. You may have seen debit card donation points at Boscawen St, Lemon Quay and Victoria Square. Thank you to everyone who used this cashless system - and to our volunteers who stood still for so long on a cold night!

And we've included a PayPal option here on the website, with easy links to find from our social media accounts. You can find the link by searching our email address in the app ( or by following the link on our website here.

PayPal is a system of quickly sending and receiving money around the world, so even if you're not in Truro you can show your support for Truro City of Lights. We've had donations from Devon and Brighton this year - and even from the USA!

Our small team of no more than 10 works tirelessly throughout the year to fundraise and plan this amazing night. We work with a group of incredible artists who all go to schools, businesses and communities to deliver creative workshops where stories are told, memories are shared and lanterns are made.

Over 23 years Truro City of Lights has gone from being a small walk-through across Truro for the people who made the lanterns to enjoy and celebrate their work. It is now one of Cornwall's annual calendar events and for many of us it is the start of the winter festive season.

With up to 30,000 people to keep safe, the logistics behind the event are now complex. Road closures, safety teams, volunteer briefings and electrical generators are all part of the parade's story that you might not think about.

We are very grateful for all support that comes our way, in the lead up to the event, on the night and in the days after when we are tasked with paying for this year's parade, and securing the event for the coming year. You can see the local and national businesses who supported the 2019 event here.

We're also hoping to have some more secure donation pots around Truro for the busy Christmas season, If you're happy to have one in your place of work or business premises, please drop us a quick email on

Thank you to everyone of you who gave generously this year. Together, we can meet our costs for 2019 and secure Truro City of Lights for 2020.

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